Sunday, 8 May 2011


a wonderful weekend of theatre – Nicked by Richard Marsh was truly wonderful – although because of its subject matter – the experience that is the coalition - one was never sure whether to laugh or cry – it was a powerful experience to see it on the night that the AV vote was announced – if you get the opportunity go and see. a quick note on the music (Paul Harvard) and choreography (Alistair David) – like a grown up pantomime – a mixture of 80s electro pop, believable grime rapping, the tango and morris dancing – excellent. Incoming a new play by Andrew Motion was an emotional roller coaster but could possibly of benefitted from rearrange the various sections – the third, with the boy becoming the first as it seemed to lose momentum - still go and see and be moved - as part of the Genesis Studio Programme there were a number of staged readings – i managed to see/hear Sonderkommando and A Thousand Miles of History - both well written pieces - the reading is a really interesting stage in the creation of a theatre piece – you get a real sense of the stage craft of the actors and enables you to project how the work could be presented in a finished state. i am looking forward to seeing how these two plays get to be produced.

on another thread i remember watching the century of the self and feeling as if all my paranoid conspiracy theories were upheld so I have to recommend Adam Curtis’s new series that is coming up - All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace - it begins on BBC2 on 23 May at 9pm

go to his blog to see and hear a much needed alternative to what we currently call information and see all his work.