Thursday, 18 May 2017


got to see La ribot at The Place - wonderful - she is a force - all the frenzied, sexy, controlled, disturbing elements came together in a forceful show of negotiated shame - wow
a day in London - some of the shows -  At the Tate in the Art Now room Together (Forever) by Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson is a great performance film - something extraordinary is created from something seemingly insignificant. Odd that this is the 3rd performance in in a row I've seen that used acting skills around fighting - is there something in the air)? at Sadie Coles Jordan Wolfson has work in both spaces - you have to see both - the film in HQ is disturbingly transgressive but the VR in Davies street is truly disturbing in a shocking way. And what excellent sculptures. Tenderpixels has a cracking show with a range of artists responding to a book about a chess playing girl. Annette Messager is at Marian Goodman - highlight - the womb wallpaper room is excellent.