Tuesday, 30 May 2017


The CSM final show part 1 was an interesting one - The BA was very full and had some really considered video work combined with lots of I must guess purposely badly made work - new punk? all about how individuals feel about personally about stuff. The MA Fine Art was good with a seemingly large focus on pornography and war. It is interesting to think of the final year shows as a form of litmus test as to what young people are interested in. The year 2 fine art show at Chelsea was full of vibrant exciting work. It felt broader and slightly more considered than the CSM show even though it was only year 2.

Crawling through Netflick's 13 reasons - I know, I know but it is as most 'box sets' are slightly addictive - it appears to be a show about parents fear of their children and children's fear of themselves therefore each other.    

A day of interesting presentations at Camberwell - symposium 2 is always a fantastic occasion where the growth of individuals during their time on the course is made evident within their presentation. Then onto Chelsea to see and crit an exhibition in the library of work created around the fold. all good