Monday, 15 May 2017


witness at Dance East was a tender and moving dance piece exploring mental health there were some truly extraordinary moments of dance moves - I wish they had trusted their dance and not spoken - their movements communicated everything....
a quick jaunt to the Norfolk and Norwich Festival to see Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. could it possibly be a new genre 'fly on the wall theatre'? editing choice control truth and theatre as a mirror were topics of conversation 'post show' - It must of been life changing to be part of the experience for the participants - Summer was great with audience participant conversations and in Autumn I had my first tarot reading - an 'interesting' experience.

With the discovery  afterlife - what happens there and where is it? is at the fore and can we get there and if we can should we? lots of meaningful questions about it all don't do it no no no just don't do it.