Sunday, 23 April 2017


Some excellent exhibitions on Saturday - starting off at the Imperial War Museum with War of Terror by Edmund Clark an examination of how we spend our tax controlling those who would do us evil. The banality of it all is quite astounding. Matt Collinshaw at Blain Southern is very clever. The highlight of the day was Ryoli Ikeda at Almia Rech.  data as art as sound as data - mesmerising and truly mystical, a kind of electronic folk art for the present. The other shows were less interesting and number around 4 or 5 but what I love about the art world is that as a consumer one gains access to the most wonderful spaces, a kind of parallel universe that only those in the know get access to. If you are in the area around Carlos Place, Massimo de Carlo and The Timothy Taylor are stunning spaces and near a really nice water feature which is outside The Connaught Hotel.
Watched Logan - the 'X men film for people who don't like X men' - a road movie of sorts and with some really brutal violence specialising in the sound effects of blade into flesh....but if that's your thing Get Out the horror comedy thriller that comments on where we are in this 'so called gliberal post-race world' ....I spent most of the film either cringing or in fear, sometimes weirdly simultaneously and just how disturbing was that bingo...
New to me but found through listening to Adam Buxton talking with Brian Eno (episode 1) on the Adam Buxton podcast which led me to a TED talk featuring the extraordinary drummer Jojo Mayer who plays like a computer outputting drum and bass