Wednesday, 19 October 2016


checking out Woman's Hour playlist organised by Lauren Laverne - 70 songs 70 years playlist - it was great to hear tracks that are part of my Desert Island Disc top 100 songs!!! aren't we all just await for the call? - blue by Joni Mitchell,  Grace Jones pull up to the bumper, Venus as a boy by Bjork and Marlena Shaw's Woman of the Ghetto but new to me was Le Tigre I loved the raw power of their sound - channelling x-ray specs and the riot grrrl power of bikini kill - my new latest favourite band.  So far this week - three great teaching experiences - chairing a seminar of student presentation proposals, running intensely packed group crits, and delivering  an on-line seminar. There is some excellent work out there and it's a joy to be a small part of it.  Managed to see an interesting show by Roman Ondak at The South London Gallery - a large element of it is a form of building archaeology when the original parquet floor is revealed. It's interesting to think about how I have worked in several places for long enough to be one of the few people remaining who can remember that beautiful floors have been covered by false floors and corporate carpets - all awaiting discovery. Also I can think of examples where I have watched a building be constructed, knowing it through its life and then watching it be demolished, to be replaced by a new building. More work in Cambridge as part of unfolding thinking - quite possibly the most extraordinary job I have ever had!

looking forward to Spill Festival in Ipswich next week there are so many highlights but Shabnam Shabazi's Terra Nullius has to be up there.