Thursday, 13 October 2016


Monday was another successful teaching day at NUA where the presentation was sent out before - from idea to outcome explores amongst other things an audit around skills based on Richard Serra's verb list of 1967-8 create your own list of stuff you do in the process of your practice and when you are stuck pick one from the list and enact it until something good happens. If you are feeling adventurous make a list of activities you don't engage in and pick one of those. It's all about the word and idea of practice. 5 slides at 10 seconds each with one question a slide - 50 second Pecha Kucha's fast and furious but it's a focused way to see what people are up to and to share ideas with everybody.
I last saw Bjork at MOMA in NY and the 2 screen surround sound  there blew me away - well that's in the new Bjork digital show at Somerset House so it was good to see it again but the VR experiences are quite amazing. In one you find yourself surrounded by multiple Bjorks on a beach and then later you are inside her mouth. The final one allows you to be inside her as she dances within, around and next to you all in a spectacular array of light. so go see the future.

Attended the launch of paying artists at Jerwood Space - still quite shocking to hear that 71% of artists showing in publicly funded spaces were not being paid. I can remember a time when I would be attending meetings only to realise that I was the only one in the building not being paid - generally those days are gone for me but the issue is still around - check out to arm yourself with knowledge and to change the world for younger artists.also more work at