Sunday, 6 March 2016


a day of building projects and making connections - then onto 2 sessions of Shakespeare with Forced Entertainment - I managed to see 8 plays with everyday objects standing in for the characters, all on a table top - storytelling of the first degree - it really was brilliant. If you ever get the opportunity to see Forced Entertainment grab it and if they are doing table-top Shakespeare start lining up.....Although badly hung Electronic Superhighway at the Whitechapel has some gems - Allan Kaprow's Hello was very funny and of the moment (in both 1969 and 2016!) another odd historical piece was the very creepy surveillance shoe by Jill Magi. Of the new work on show JODI's Geogoo and Jan Robert Leegte's Scrollbar Composition were highlights. The Wellcome Trust has States of Mind -Tracing the Edges of Consciousness a mixed show of work created by artists and historical documents from their collection. it's worth it to see Mary Kelly's Post-Partum Document.