Thursday, 10 March 2016


lots of teaching this week from briefings about the final show with year 3 textile students at NUA (yes its already that time of year) to a wonderfully intense midterm collaborative session looking at finished work at Camberwell on the Book Art course. As ever it was full of exciting, thoughtful and insightful comments - it's a session where the maker takes notes but does not speak, the work standing on its own without contextual background to support it - a positive experience for the students and one that supports and informs my own practice. Then a session on lateral thinking with year 1 students at NUA it's an attempt to induce a recognition within students that they are creative powerful people.......creative thinking within the visual - we control the world - or at least how it looks.
some films - kill or be killed - a psychological cowbody thriller - odd, dark and gritty. midnight man - is there a twist there somewhere? just bad on so many levels. The Reunion - Atertraffen is worth a watch - an 'art film' in the guise of a 'mainstream' one maybe. After all this okayishness decided to re-watched the game - still good even after repeated viewing and even knowing where it will take you - a taught thriller twisting and turning till the end (almost).
still moving through girls - it gets darker as it moves on - just as everything seems to be resolved and working and generally okay for the case of characters the situation is destroyed by the need for a well chosen chunk of 'truth'! - a break from the 'reality' of New York life is the night manager a 6 part twisting thriller from John le Carré via the BBC with all its values intact.

finally - working on which pieces will be on display as part of the Maxwell Building Inaugural Event, which will take place on the 7-9 of April. I'm showing the film nanocapesarego which demonstrates some of the capes and the materials filmed that were used to make the them. Hopefully alongside this I'll show a couple of the experimental bookwork hand sculptures - I have so many to choose from, as ever I got excited and just kept making.