Sunday, 28 February 2016


a day in London - meetings and exhibitions - the work exhibited at Carroll/Fletcher is of the moment - Neoliberal Lulz - upstairs there is a detailed examination and critical unpicking of capitalism - appropriating the very tools used in the pursuit of gain - I love The New Gold Diggers by Emilie Brout and Maxime Marion - a special mention has to be the wondrous infomercials by Constant Dullaart - DullTech. Downstairs is quite beautiful - Manfred Mohr has created systems to generate some sublime shifting/moving shapes - Mohr insists that old techniques of drawing and imagination are not to be imposed on the machine - it may be a new way of making but the references are there - it has echo's of the serial art of So lewit's cube/line work. Whitecube Bermondsey - The history of nothing - a show whose starting point is a film by Paolozzi - highlights for me were the actual film - a startling prescient observation that both underpins and undermines some of the work in the show, although Josh Klein's use of a real face time substitution program to explore ideas of 'post-human' made me laugh but what was I laughing at? In the larger room we have Sergej Jensen's (great name) use of money bags (bags that coins, change is transported in) as both a canvas to work on and as the/a reference point for the work itself gives the work an immediate set of codes to read - I kept thinking about minimal abstraction and people like Alberto Burri, Barnett Newman and Robert Ryman - maybe that's the point - referencing and referential all around.

Our meeting at The House of Commons was truly exciting - lots of thoughts about duality - dialogue and conversations, back stage and theatre, old and new - especially around technology. Lots to think about. I came away thinking about a part of our conversation concerning Pugin - the idea of the haze of detail and the need for a neo-gothic revivalist architectural style at that point in history - the image of an idea manifest in a building. Later, full of connections and connectedness, thinking about the Suffolk fairs of the early 70's - again reviving a style to enable a rethinking, a retelling of what it is to be English, relinquishing the now, using a neo-romantic image of the past, that had itself been revived to create a new future......what goes around comes around.