Monday, 22 February 2016


a full weekend in the South of France - clear, bright and
blue skies - a stop off in Marseille to see the latest museum - a fantastic
space created by having a wondrous surface of latticed poured concrete and
metal. Then after wandering through areas supposedly off limits to tourists around
a great market with giant octopi and numerous varieties or squid onto a
stunning show of photographs at La Friche - detailing
the everyday in Israel - what is everyday? - it's in a great space housed in an
old tobacco factory with a cafe, studios and surrounded by a skate park full of
people who are drifting into the indoor spaces. Then onto imprints in Crest - while
there thought about the idea of a creating a 'French(ness) mood board' so took
a mass of photos whilst wandering around on the way to a boudin noir stall in a
local car park. The stall was basically selling a mixture of blood, cream, eggs
and herbs all siphoned into a tube - boudin noir - quite possibly my favourite sausage!
I got to film the guys blend it - a faintly medieval experience with the
inclusion of injection moulded plastic - vats of blood - the colour was
fantastic and fresh from the boiling cauldron the texture was like velvet.