Thursday, 10 December 2015


a day at Norwich Castle - working within the build your own exhibition (alongside Turner Prize winners Assemble!)- developing an 'alternative' way of engaging with the permanent museum displays. I have 'chosen' 3 objects and am attempting to unfold from a very cluttered brain (looking forward to Christmas) a range of connections and questions between and to them. Exploring the idea of creating a range of entry points to understanding an object within a collection and then being able to navigate through a collection are key concerns of the 'mini residency'.
Sword in the Stone - this year's 'rock and roll' panto at The Wolsey in Ipswich is a truly great night out - shed your inhabitations before you enter and it will be good - very good - men dressed as women, behind you, evil combated by good, fire, smoke, illusion, oh no it isn't, dancing - rude jokes - its all there - every year I marvel at the performers ability to sing, dance, act and play a wide range of musical instruments - fantastic, who needs irony?
love and mercy - the Brian Wilson biopic is stunning in its portrayal of where songs come from - the moment it 'arrives' as the essence of a fragment, building its development, the combining of sounds and words, the weaving of layering towards a final piece. brilliant.