Thursday, 17 December 2015


another day at the castle in Norwich - I'm really enjoying being a part of the build your own exhibition. being in the space before and after the museum opens is like entering another world - like you've been given the keys to a parallel world. I presented the work I'd undertaken with Cambridge University Nano technology department which was liberating in that I had previously only shown it to a knowing audience so its presentation to the general public initiated new strands of research through wonderful conversations. I also created a number of finished segments of films that I had to started work on during the Summer. These explore the role of light, of seeing, scale, pattern and shadow. Whilst playing with the range of pre-prepared materials that I had lazer cut with Penrose tessellations and combining them with an app on the iphone I made a discovery that led to a site specific digital work that I am really pleased with.

meanwhile my final session with year 3 students at NUA utilised the glorious oblique strategies cards by the brain that is eno - one of the best sessions this year  - - they were a great filter to explore work - excellent. two film recommendations -  the wonderful and quite beautiful Carol, it's such a still film with most of the acting taking place behind the eyes and then there's the use of textiles, colour and pattern which are gorgeous and symbolically meaningful. and then if you think you're having trouble getting stuff done with the odd few stumbling blocks as well as being very very funny The Martian is the Don of problem solving movies - everything is possible and it will be okay.