Saturday, 28 November 2015


spent a couple of hours draping the lazer cut bonded fabric over and on a mannequin - pinning it onto a 'body' really gives the idea of what it could be - it has started to look good and the cape is defiantly all go with a hood, just need to start cutting the pattern.
There's a very considered body of work that connects two libraries either side of the Thames - the work by Rick Myers links Somerset House and The Poetry library via the old Waterloo bridge, an experiment that Faraday was involved in is also thrown into the mix - worth a look/listen.

The yellowbluepink mist by Ann Veronica  Janssens at The Welcome Trust is quite disorienting - but  it also feels like a sort of comforting/fluffy white-out on top of a mountain in the Lake District.  After working at BAM I spent the evening at Central St Martin's 3D and XD open studios. I so love Art College, as both an idea and in reality. it was full of superb challenging work and the energy in the building was electric - so friendly conversations - so supportive of the work and the performances - it was excellent to be in a room with a beer in my hand with so many truly wonderfully bad haircuts and people looking gloriously fabulous. my people.