Friday, 20 November 2015


The Toshiba lecture at the Cathedral in Norwich last night was awesome with possibilities and yet also informed by the terror of every post apocalyptic film I have seen where the world is taken over by robots. There was a moment when the extraordinary machine being demonstrated very cutely clapped its 'hands' and the audience laughed at it and I thought - this is where after lulling us into a false sense of security a lazer beam extends from its 'head' and destroys us, thus starting its progression to world domination! But it didn't happen and I am mow on the train to Ipswich working on the presentation and workshop for Being A Man, on the way to see a dance/food/sound piece by Protein called May contain food - at the Dance House. This is after a day at NUA running a master class on bookness! I'm really looking forward to BAM next week at the Southbank - trying to work out a way to cram in 30 years of bookmaking and thinking into 2 hours with an added workshop is proving tricky! Ann Veronica Janssens, yellowbluepink at The Welcome trust is on the list of things to see on Friday after the session and I'll also get to attend a private view at CSM of the XD Fine Art Course.