Monday, 2 February 2015


Year 1 Norwich textile students have a show at Craft Co in Southwold - it’s based on the idea of the decorative ribbon – the show works really well as a whole with some individual pieces that really stand out – it’s on till the end of February. Today has been all about the year 3 interim textile show at NUA – Semiotic presentations around the possible meaning of using pegs whilst hanging work, alongside more the practical issues of budgets, social media and deadlines – all good.

Meanwhile - two ‘slight’ films- the wandering around of Witherspoon’s fractured but fairly obvious narrative in Wild  and Woody Allens latest – Magic in the Moonlight Colin Fith’s thoughts on spiritualism whilst strolling in exotic gardens in the South of France. Both ‘nice’ but they won’t worry you too much. And one unpleasant one - Vice this appears to be an excuse to show repetitive graphic abuse of women all wrapped up within a layer of science fiction – what was Bruce Willis thinking?