Monday, 16 February 2015


3 days of interviews at Norwich University of the Arts – I really enjoy the process of interviewing and feel that I personally work hard at making it a positive experience for the candidates. This is due to the many terrible experiences I have had where the interviewers see it as a combat zone rather than a space to explore opportunities (especially the student who often sees it as a point scoring contest, not the way to get the best from a candidate). This is on top of a really interesting ‘carousel’ process that NUA have instigated. The system includes time for everybody; candidates, interviewer, student and support staff to talk, find their best and reflect - really excellent.  I’m already looking forward to working with the individuals we have offered places to next year.
I’ve been following Casey Neistat for a while but wanted to share his thoughts on education - 2:49  mins in Casey’s advice to students is excellent - 
And then there’s the music – an eclectic mixed bag - a little scary - but isn’t that the point - girlpool blah blah blah blah - enjoying the fractured cut up of barney khan -  old school knob twiddling from CLAP RULES - "123 cantyousee -
back to the brutality of mumdance logos with hall of mirrors - so slow its almost pulled over- dirty and bad - unlock the swag rae sremmurd- A slow burn from Levon Vincent - Woman is The Devil-