Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Wanted to point to a wonderfully uba-meta show a Book Art student at Camberwell has in New York. ONE AND THREE TWEETS is a collaboration between Fox Irving and Kenneth Goldsmith through the wonders of twitter –  taken from the press release - Last fall, Irving started a Twitter account (@OnBeingKennyG) posting images of her hand-drawn renderings of every tweet that Goldsmith posted from his own twitter account(@kg_ubu). Goldsmith, known for his ideas of uncreative writing, is an advocate for plagiarism and identity-theft in the digital age. By hand-rendering every tweet Goldsmith made, Irving celebrated, critiqued, and perpetuated Goldsmith’s stream of provocations.
The show takes its title from Joseph Kosuth’s seminal 1965 work, One and Three Chairs, in which three representations of a chair are presented side-by-side: a real chair, a photograph of a chair, and a dictionary definition of a chair. Similarly, for their exhibition, Goldsmith and Irving will present three representations of a tweet: Goldsmith’s original tweet, Irving’s original drawing of Goldsmith’s tweet, and Irving’s tweet of her drawing. Taking Kosuth’s provocation into the digital age, their collaboration questions ideas of visual representation in the twenty-first century.
It was interesting to watch it unfold at speed from one side - its acknowledgment - the knowingness - connections to involvement – all fascinating.

Meanwhile – the latest iteration of the work in the show in Russia.