Friday, 15 August 2014


success - I’ve got through the initial application, a day of meetings/presentation, ‘interview’, the short-listing and the joint application to have the opportunity to work with the Crafts Council on a project titled - PARALLEL PRACTICES -

It’s a really interesting collaboration I am about to work with Thrishantha Nanayakkara who works at The Centre for Robotics Research, School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at Kings in London and Naomi Mcintosh who creates body related Jewellery and Jewellery related objects - It’s going to be a great journey of discovery for us all. The project we have created is called Squeeze Fold Bend and Expand - Structural Memory in Deformable Objects. We want to extend current soft robotics through model making, challenging and expanding our practices by exploring ways of controlling movement and articulation of objects in order to build new structures whose functionality and manipulation will be framed and enriched by knowledge of soft robotics – phew!!!