Friday, 29 August 2014


last night’s poetry prom at Snape with John Hegley and Ian McMillan was a nice evening of light entertainment – sounds like a negative but nice is ok. It was all very cosy and maybe asking for a little grit would be calling for the wrong thing in the wrong place but I can’t help thinking that with 800 people in the audience for poetry you couldn’t have introduced them to more voices – Byron Vincent  is the lost child of Hegley and Richard Dedomenici would connect with McMillan’s acquired/stolen signage. Now that would be an interesting evening.
Anyway – I’ve started to look through the folded paper archives in my studio with a view to starting work on Squeeze Fold Bend and Expand - Structural Memory in Deformable Objects along with some light reading about rat skeletons.

meanwhile on the watching front the beautifully shot, colour saturated Utopia – the first series, although fractured with no explanation of anything story wise was quite startling with utterly arresting imagery. The original version of House of Cards is fascinating – cluttered with class war and leaden 80s-ness!