Thursday, 14 August 2014


10 days in the mountains around Crest has given me my annual bookfest – some recommendations from a long list....
Morrisey – an autobiography – a tour de force of layered gorgeous language for about 150 pages – until the bitterness over the trail takes over – I love his description of Sparks – “brother Russell sang in French italics with the mad urgency of someone tied to a tree”
The Cook – Wayne Macauley – detailed list of food preparation and cooking underpinned by a darkness which is allowed to seep out in the last pages.
How to get filthy rich in rising Asia - Mohsid Hamid – a deeply moving tale of change, loss and learning that touches the heart – if you liked his earlier book the reluctant fundamentalist you will really love this.
The secret History – Donna Tart – a real crossing-the-line-page-turner, deeply oppressive and claustrophobic.
The Circle – Dave Eggers – everybody is talking about this for a reason – his clarity of vision of where some of us we fear we are heading is initially charming or maybe fearful yet ultimately inevitable.
The testament of Mary – Colm Toibin – a beautiful and tender book that made me re-think my relationship to the role of the Jesus story – maybe it’s all about leaving home!

Meanwhile some images taken from my last stay at Piégros la Clastre.