Monday, 13 January 2014


A few film recommendations - The Game - - a film left behind when it came out but it really is a wild ride and worth the revisit. American Hustle –  as Mark Kermode said it’s all about the hair – the detail in the filming is quite mesmerising, there are moments when the camera drops to the characters hands, it appears to enable us to focus our thoughts on their inner landscapes. Blue Jasmine - the writing is really very tight, more than a character study it feels like an allegory of our time, a film about men and women and honesty and truth but the film could be seen to explore the role of America in the world – think about it. Getaway - dull. Struck by Lightning - a sweet American Indi coming of age film. Out of the Furnace - dark dark dark – but quite wonderful, a vision of an American underbelly we rarely see in movies. Captain Philiphs - the might yet misdirection of America portayed  by the wondrous Greegrass - the last 10 minutes........Hank!

Meanwhile – information is disseminated in my local town.