Thursday, 6 September 2012


A most excellent day culminating with the private view at Camberwell – this was the culmination of the students work manifest in a range of eclectic possibilities. it was great to watch the public become an audience for their work. There really is no house style and I feel that we really do endeavour to support the individual student’s journey which is as varied and diverse as their backgrounds.  As ever it was really good to meet past students and to catch up with what they are up to. The Camberwell Book Art Alumni have infiltrated and embedded themselves into many creative positions across London and out into the wider world.
It was good to meet Simon Goode who is the person behind the first ever UK book art centre out in Hackney Wick - I see some positive things coming out of this.
The morning was the final session of the creative carer’s project for Artlink at the coop education centre in Ipswich. Interesting to be in the presence of people battling for positive care experiences and then juxtaposing this with the creativity taken for granted world of higher education - my notes include comments like celebrating what you do - confidence building - small steps - grasping opportunities - enriching the everyday - building on what is there - having said that it does sound a little like one of my professional practice seminars at nuca.