Tuesday, 18 September 2012


its all good – spent the day in Norwich organising the studios for the arrival of the textile students at nuca – everybody in the 1st and 3rd year gets their own space, something that the students have requested - with the 2nd years having a more flexible space as most of term 1 and 2 is spent on work placement. we also have a huge new free studio space to have mass group work – seminars, drawing sessions  and professional practice workshops. looking forward to the arrival of the new students next week – we’ve been planning some exciting bonding workshops for the 1st years in induction week.
got to snape on saturday evening to see the new opera by david toop - a star shaped biscuit – http://davidtoopblog.com/ sitting outside in derelict buildings listening to the most extraordinary voices floating in the air mixed with distorted harp and a hurdy-gurdy which was attacked with much vigour – and bats - it doesn’t get much better –topped off with the walk back in the dark through the reed beds to iken cliff.