Sunday, 24 June 2012


after two days of creative input it's nice to sit and reflect in all that I've seen and heard.
the RCA show at Battersea was excellent with some exciting, creative ways of solving problems in test bed 1 and 2 - I was especially drawn to the work of Shing Tat Chung also there needs to be a mention of the catalogue for printmaking - a deconstruction of the book with textual thinking - only £7 and finally the photography of James Smith Chelsea College has strong textiles and graphics as usual - another highlight of the day was Yoko Ono at the serpentine gallery - the idea that we-are-all-the-same-and-we-need-to-get-on is something she has been working on forever and this way of thinking continues in this show - make sure that you check out the temporary pavilion - a great idea that rethinks the space. The Aldeburgh festival had a day of John Cage - the wonderful Exaudi had a morning session housed at the Hoffman Building where 30ish Cage scores were presented at the same time and the audience walked around the building finding and engaging with the sound – excellent - later on at the pump house a smaller set of Cage pieces - my favourite being a new piece by John Weeks that involved mikeing up cardboard boxes and drawing with charcoal and interpreting the quality of the line with the voice. and they also performed the ever charming radio music.