Thursday, 23 June 2011


i live in a house conceived, designed, built and celebrated as an opposition both conceptually and physically to sizewell – the nuclear power station down the road. my house was built by clive latimer in the 70s – a radical closely associated with robin day and ideas around light and sound experiments at Horsey art college and known for developing pink Floyd light shows. he was also an anti nuclear protester and my house was the centre of opposition to the power station so it was interesting last night to attend an art event at sizewell and to think of clive and what he would of thought about the whole experience. everlasting light – a reflection on sizewell was quite wonderful - devised by Netia Jones with voices by exaudi and ending with projections onto sizewell power station itself. i thought about clive and also back to when they were building sizewell B and we used to go down at 3.00 in the morning to test the access laws – getting the guys to open up the footpath that ran alongside the plant on the sea shore which had to be accessible 24 hours a day but was heavily guarded.