Tuesday, 7 June 2011


packaging work to send to Kilkenny Arts Festival – thinking about the work as a whole – almost one piece so possibly it should all sit together on a large piece of sheet material. trying it out on the table in the house in a number of configurations and enjoyed the dialogue that starts up between the pieces.

working on the text for the interpretive material, the inspiration for my work in exhibition which sounds a little like this so far –

Throughout the process of making this body of work the feeling of a voice emanating from the page was prominent. When creating the work the book form often stood in for the notion of person.

I wanted to make work that engaged with the poems at a psycho geographical level, creating and inhabiting spaces, alongside exploring what I believe to be the fundamental concepts within the poems that lie beyond the descriptions of place. The ephemeral space created during the act of page turning enables the viewer to build a territory where they can bring themselves to the work and construct their own narrative.

Rejecting image and text I worked with materials to create a number of sculptural forms, physical haikus, these spaces are dense and layered with possibilities that act interdependently with Gerard Smyth’s text, presenting a duality where neither element is subservient but somehow inhabit each other.