Wednesday, 22 June 2011


took four textile students to Anstey’s of Loughborough for them to undertake presentations for the Historic Wallpaper Society competition. the factory visit was instructive and threw up many issues that the course could pursue and discuss – ethics and sustainability being two. they have worked really hard and all of them could benefit from the opportunities generously offered by the society. tuesday i ran a very intense and occasionally combative seminar at camberwell which explored a maker’s relationship to audiences and the work they make through flow diagrams – some wonderful thoughts and thoughtful comments mean that some of the diagrams I present will be changed and some added. we also looked at the individual students plans for the final show in the actual space – the course has been altered and we will be showing the work in September – after jumping on a train to Norwich for the nuca BA private view – as ever a very social affair which was glamorously busy with lots of textiles being sold.