Saturday, 5 February 2011


another stunning evening at snape maltings - EXAUDI working with Bill Thompson explored John Cage’s Song Books EXAUDI are so wonderful – i love it as they retune themselves throughout the evening – like the tuning of a machine – constantly navigating their sound within a specific band width. the graphic scores and set ups for the creation of the sound were exquisite and mind expanding. My favourite has to be Solo for Voice 5 (SE) “Wander” over a provided portrait of Thoreau, such that the path resembles a melodic line. Each of eight parts is given a set of time units, ie length of which is determined by the speed with which Part 2 can be performed. The texts are letters and syllable from Thoreau. Electronics should change with the facial features. Accompaniment may include sounds of wind, rain, thunder, etc. the idea made me think about Eno’s Oblique Strategies – check out the on-line version overall it was an evening that makes one think how marvellous snape is – anybody who complains about the fact that nothing interesting happens in suffolk is just wrong. finally i think that i might be the only person who has been to every faster than sound event in Suffolk as Mira Calix was not present (see previous posts!) – looking forward to her at snape on feb 17th as part of exchange and return a year-long collaborative project, sharing creative ideas and practical working methods between Mira Calix, Tansy Davies and Larry Goves