Friday, 25 February 2011


a week in venice – where to start – it really is a place that enables creative thought and possibilities to flourish – staying away from the biennale site and the arsenale in a part of venice that was unfamiliar meant that new places were unearthed – highlights have to be seeing Hieronymus Bosch at the Palazzo Grimani – only three paintings but superbly hung within this conserved space – connecting what was to what is gave an indication of the life of the space. they had hung a stone angle in the same room as The Ascent to the Empyrean from the Vision of the Afterlife – truly transformational. the Academia was a mess of rebuilding but I wanted to look at the representation of cloth and consider a new line of research – the fold, specifically book structure and smocking – but coming across - The Ambassadors Return to the Court Inglese by Vittore Carpaccio the question of association was posed – is the fold and therefore smocking evil? – more of this later - looking at my notes the name Vittore Carpaccio appears often – his cycle of paintings for Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni were quite extraordinary – a real treat especially as the space felt like it really hadn’t changed since 1555 and then there is the extraordinary alterpiece The Ten Thousand Martyrs of Mount Ararat with its quite bizzare Michael Moorcock/Ron Hubbard science fiction image of heaven. finally a couple of images that i am sure will find their way into lectures quite soon.