Wednesday, 9 February 2011


a full day yesterday – the teaching at Camberwell saw me running two seminars that had presentations at their core – we started to consider the catalogue for the final show and what its role might be for this year’s student cohort its interesting to look at all the catalogues since the beginning of the course - it really is an interesting archive - and to remember the conversations that have taken place over time – the introduction of the virtual and how the group dynamics inform the intention around the catalogue as well as the final design. in the afternoon there was also a conversation around research and its relationship to the final essay supported by this year’s part-time students who have already gone through the process it was a very full presentation with lots to consider – but the possibilities are endless.
before getting the train home (late!) and going for a drink in the city with a friend i managed to see the second in the must see shows in London at the moment the Gabriel Orozco exhibition is magnificent there are the signature pieces – which are fun but the ‘folded ink blot pieces’ and the circular drawings really captured me – the catalogue is so full of ideas and work which makes you rethink the act of looking.