Wednesday, 5 May 2010


i was invited to put some work in the summer show at the royal academy by the selector this year – stephen chambers. i have not heard yet if i am in but the magazine asked for some images of the work i submitted – so we shall see.

it’s been a really good time for my teaching for NUCA at the moment. a full day of tutorials on the Drawing MA led to many interesting threads of discussion – ranging from the idea of chance and ways of generating content to graphic scores and talking about a really wide range of artists from Robert Ryman to Stelarc via Tomas Saraceno and Mark Wallinger. We even threw in Edward de Bono. a meeting with textile culture to discuss the hang of the final show in the lunch hour to set up a work centred group seminar in two weeks time and some work with a student to assess the use of PowerPoint in her practice. monday saw me working on the Design Course presenting a brief with andy campbell which focused on information graphics - my session saw me talking about systems and communication lunch was taken up with my line manager nick rodgers organizing the final textiles show at the university and the logistics of new designers at the same time – I was specifically looking at the design of the space and fitting in the assessment of the work. today sees me at home working out a drawing workshop for the surface design students – i will focus on how to develop options and consider context and then there is the seminar i am running for the MA core course on thursday – its turning into a workshop looking at the generation of image and text, developing sequence, narrative and translation. this way of working is exciting – using the range of skills and approaches i have developed through experience, interest and collaboration over the past 20 years – maybe this is how art colleges/universities could use their employees.