Tuesday, 11 May 2010


an interesting couple of days - two successful examples of working with people – I decided to run a post graduate cross course session at NUCA as a workshop rather than a presentation. I set up a situation where we could explore the generation of sequential image and story making, looking at collaboration, audience and levels of communication along the way – all with a coat hanger some thread and an open mind.
I spent the Saturday at Moulsham School past pupils reunion running a display of the art proposals for Moulsham street as a result of the conversations and feedback some of the work is being altered and refined to deliver a more focused proposal.
I have added a layered, richer reading to the proposed words with the proposed addition of two concepts. These are in addition to the overall concept of reading the street through time.
The concept of duality came out of a conversation with a past resident of Moulsham Street and was explored over the afternoon. The idea came from thinking about the proximity of the amusement arcade with its juke box to the Salvation Army Citadel with its War Cry and the battle for the souls of the youth. So I am looking at putting together possible pairs and developing a dialogue between them within the street.