Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Symposium 2 at Camberwell – within the MAs at Camberwell the concept of the symposium was something that the MA Book Art instigated and developed - it is now standard practice. it’s interesting to compare today’s experience with symposium 1 at the beginning of the year – effectively an introduction to the students previous work and MA Project proposal. the majority of the students have developed a confidence in their practice and an understanding of their subject – there were some exciting possibilities within the presentations in terms of projecting what they might do for the final show and their careers in general. i found the discussion around audience, ownership and authorship fascinating and as ever had to consider my own practice in the light of one student who was setting up systems for the creation of ‘collaborative’ work with the public. this was with the intention of making work but unbeknown to them, a really interesting political, philosophical and cultural set of questions arose.