Thursday, 15 April 2010


Ecole des Beaux-Arts -Valence

the free paper store

universal bad parking

covered buildings

cloth in public
an interesting few days in France starting in Nimes – alongside visiting all the usual roman ruins i added to my collection of images – universal bad parking, cloth in public and covered buildings. the Carré d'art by Norman Foster had excellent shows by isa melsheimer and michael raedecker. later we stayed with Matthew Tyson and Isabella Oulton of imprints. and were invited to look around Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Valence, France by Melanie Kenyon the international studies coordinator (they are taught english as part of their art education) – fascinating to discuss the differences between two art education experiences. they have 120 people at the college a 1 to 8 student staff ratio with extensive facilities and space and appeared not to comprehend the concept of learning outcomes and assessment procedures but they can feel it’s chill coming like a tsunami and it was interesting to support their understanding alongside promises of documentation – it would be possible for 20 students to work in the store they keep for the students supply of free paper.