Friday, 19 February 2010


the PgCtl is over in that I have just posted an electronic version of my profile 3 and action research project to LCC. I also held the last PDP intervention that I developed into the BA. these were created as part of a result of my first action research – which in itself I saw as a failure as I had created a perfect strategic learning experience and went on to rethink PDP within the whole course. to see the work go to but of course this is just the beginning – the empowerment felt by learning has been very forceful and is something that I am going to continue to pursue. I am pleased with the title of my action research - Interrogating the value of constructive (un)alignment: towards a celebration of troublesome knowledge in a golden era of bureaucracy and fear and think it creates just the right balance between old school pessimism and new educational thinking but we shall see – will the assessment and marking process destroy any learning and confidence building that has taken place? the role of student is an interesting one to undertake if you spend the majority of your time as a tutor.