Friday, 12 February 2010


a full week of meetings and writing - we are migrating the BA Textile course at NUCA to a new framework - i may of mentioned this - and spent 2 days writing the PDP element of the projects that are to fit into the units which align with the year with becomes the course within the framework of the school undergraduate framework. it will all make sense and make teaching and learning a more rigerous experience with appropriate learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Meanwhile work on the Moulsham Street project continues – on wed i had a wonderful meeting with Peter Turrall a very generous individual who took me on a guided tour of the street – starting at Chelmsford Cathedral – i found him through the lively Moulsham street past pupils group
thursday saw the MA students dealing with the concepts of finishedness – a workshop which explores the makers relationship to the numerous elements that make up the ‘equation’ that individuals need within a piece of work.
another meeting of the Alde group in the evening was an interesting experience – with many individuals all trying to work out their roles – within the project and outside of it – the value of art and why they are meeting at Snape Maltings on a dark and very cold (-3) thursday evening and finally friday saw me in second life – getting the hang of it – another steep but positive learning curve.