Friday, 5 February 2010


second life - looking like what you think you should look like in a virtual world

oxford street 8.30
store cupboard at Perfitts
moving in and out of several realities is part of what I do as a freelance artist but this week has been fairly extensive – there is the teaching at NUCA both BA and MA sessions were instructive – i know that i am not in the mind of a student – but i am part of an exhibition at Dragon Hall in Norwich - we are the history of textiles – a wondrous space with many opportunities to hang work in interesting ways, working with Keith at the stone masons on the granite samples for next week’s Mousham Street team meeting was exciting – full of potential – when the designs from paper and screen become ‘real’ is always closer to the real thing – but then I had a training day at LCC titled Education in Virtual worlds found me working in/on Second Life – it just could be the future – it has many benefits over the current real world paradigm - you don’t have to leave home, room availability is not a problem, the students can be monitored and turned off and I can wear whatever I want (there may be rules around this but i have yet to find them).
Also some web sites that changed my life this week - and and