Thursday, 28 December 2017


I've posted all the videos that I created during the residency in Cambridge at NanoDTC. Find them at my website - Within the work there are some great collaborations with the scientists at Cambridge; Sarwat Baig, Duncan Johnstone, Giorgio Divitini, Carmen Berraquero, Dr Malcolm Longair, James Xiao, Girish Rughoobur, Diana Vulpe, Heather Goodwin, Richard Howe, David Wharton, and Dr Deepak Venkateshvaranand. There is a suite of 4 with some excellent sounds developed by Aidan Johnson
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is just awesome - so many points of wonderfulness - it has a room with the essence of the most evilness ever, with Supreme Leader Snoke and costumes from Hell with his Praetorian red guard and an excellent soundtrack and some clever meta references into and through the Star Wars Universe.
Within the universe that has been built for Bright to exist within everything makes sense but some wooden dialogue pulls you out of the world of belief. The Levelling portrays the somewhat isolated nature of rural life with a gloomy, oppressive look at family farming. Geostorm is nonsense but end of the evening take your brain out nonsense.