Friday, 8 December 2017


a mixed bag of films - looking for narratives where women's stories are told, or at least they are close to the centre (ish) - Marjory Prime asked questions about memory, its value and explored why and how we tell stories
Holiday joy another film to add to the what if - playing with the timeline can ruin your life but lessons are learnt genre. Queen of the desert a strangely stilted film, but maybe that's the point, different times etc  with Nicole Kidman strutting endlessly even when on a camel
isthisitisthisit held the launch for the third edition of the magazine the platform runs. It doesn't take long to find new targets focuses on violence in video games the magazine is suitably unpleasant, in a good way. Managed to get the last copy in the edition The work in the exhibition was really interesting - highlights include Eva and Franco Mattes Freedom and the wonderfully thoughtful and disturbing Fair Game (Run like a girl) by Georgie Roxby Smith . The work is really important and the concerns within the practice is something that the gaming industry has to fully engage in.
A great afternoon running a heat press, bonding workshop at NUA - no PowerPoint, no testing, no Learning Outcomes - a session exploring the potential of materials with students who have enquiring minds. Excellent learning and innovation all round.