Wednesday, 19 July 2017


two extraordinary films - for different reasons the handmaiden - full of planning and plotting - it will be okay - wait for the 3rd 'version' and notes on blindness - a stunningly visual film about not seeing - I love the strapline "a film about losing sight but gaining vision",and then there is Alien: Covenant - it feels like the franchise has turned some kind of corner and moved into a fright-fest-splurge-horror-space but Fassbender is excellent as two robots underpinning the roots of everything. Attended a fascinating meet up as part of the incollusion organisation/network - Sherry Dobbin talking about her impressive work with Times Square - Dan Clarke from smart Cambridge talking about how much data Cambridge Council is collected and thinking about how to use it for betterment! they appear to be involved in good work but there was an air of 'data questioning' in the room - There was also some interesting thoughts around data and ownership - two sites - and