Friday, 7 July 2017


still thinking of Venice - whenever I am not there I find it difficult to imagine that such a place exists - as if it only occurs when I am present and even when I'm there it's as if it is only in existence if I can see it - it ceases to happen behind me as if it's very being was a magic trick, an illusion - like something out of a Calvino story.

the book the circle was a must read moment a few years ago, in some ways it presented a future but maybe one that was already here. the film the circle suffered from expectation and also that the future was defiantly already here. Not a bad film but I did love the book. Wonder woman was a glorious jaunt but along with the action packed the photograph we last saw in Dawn of Justice took on a poignancy that was beautiful. I enjoyed the reading of this part of the film in

The exhibition at White Cube is a really interesting female surrealist overview - for me the stand out pieces are by Shana Moulton, especially the piece My Life as an INFJ the projection which interacts with objects and then one can never not be stunned by Lee Miller's photograph Untitled (Severed breast from radical surgery in a modern setting 1 & 2).