Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Tuesday saw me involved in a wonderful afternoon of teaching on the MA Book Art Course at Camberwell - the session set out to explore our relationship to the idea of finish and what makes something finished - see the PowerPoint for the range of individual and collaborative responses to the concept. Starting as one then in pairs, fours and eventually as eight finishedness was negotiated and deliberated, ending with a reflective moment on the whole day's journey, interspersed with moments for comment and thought.....a truly enlightening education experience. onto some recent films Jackie don't expect a standard biopic it's a film that presents a physical emotional state - it's a film about shock - using filmic devices and metaphor we experience a woman cope. 20th century women is actually a film about men, how we bring them up and nurture them from boys - some great lines and set pieces make one reflect on past and present and future conversations. Passengers is about guilt but maybe not enough - the film sets up a premise that if explored enables us to reflect on the choices we make. Some podcasts that I'm becoming obsessed with at the moment. Invisibilia looks at the issues and systems behind human behaviour Song Exploder this deconstructs songs and tracks from movies, check out Ghost face Killer and Bjork oh and Iggy Pop  The Allusionist is all about words and their meaning