Sunday, 26 February 2017


As part of my project at The Maxwell Centre in Cambridge I had quite a wonderful meeting with Dr Malcolm Longair which turned into something that happens quite rarely in my life - a meaningful, challenging, fruitful tutorial. Amongst many things the experience heightened my sense of responsibility around the language I use and caused me to reflect on the slippage of meaning available for and used by an artist but not a scientist.
I had a number of great interactions throughout the day and I feel it became a transit point. There are many stages or phases to a project. With this one I purposely set out within its structure to try and break from my conventions by embedding within it notions of not knowing as a route map. I feel it is now time to know.

meanwhile Hidden Figures a little too shiny and Batman V Superman unsure why I did that. The show at CraftCo in Southwold, made I helped create with year 3 students Textile Design from NUA is down. It's been a wonderful experience - with so much learning taking place along with making some money. Hope to return with another set of students next year.