Wednesday, 3 August 2016


the print I had created for the 100 sq feet exhibition for the Halesworth Gallery - 'tanguramu no ken' (Japanese for tangram sword) ​ had to be refolded - I hadn't made it small enough to fit it into the proposed box. I've decided that I would like the work displayed folded and sealed so that unless you have a copy you will not know what it looks like. The fixed work becomes a sort of puzzle and references the works starting point - the tangram.

meanwhile I would recommend the 'wacky' comedy series that is Lady Dynamite it's a laugh out loud oddly beautiful and bizarre series of interactions that feels at any point could go in any direction but then there is the truly dull Independence Day: Resurgence - oh dear not even fun in an ironic way apart from Jeff Goldblum who does appear to be trying.