Monday, 22 August 2016


101 panels the exhibition at Halesworth Gallery looks good - it's a really nice idea created by Paul Cope working within given parameters to test and bring together 100 people.  Bastille Day is an ok serviceable thriller which was all a little too trite in tone for the content it presented. Daniel Radcliffe conveys suitable vulnerability undercover in Imperium but it feels like there is a gap or emptiness at the films core that is trying to be something but not quite reaching - the endless multiple images of neo-Nazi, clan etc is part of the answer/solution. and then there is now you see me 2 - my excuse is that it was raining. Big Ideas by James Harkin from 2008 it's a little out of date - it's a way in to understand some fairly recent words created from 2 or more concepts which are combined to embody elements of each idea - something I love. my favourite is slacktivism (see it is a little dated). the good news is that a grant application to the Arts Council has been successful  - this matched with support from the Maxwell Centre NanoDTC and NUA means that I will be working with very very small things in a very big way over the next year.....really looking forward to it all, especially sitting in the great spaces in the building! check out in the coming months.