Friday, 5 June 2015


Invited to participate in Focal point Gallery’s 25th Anniversary, to produce one or more animated GIFs for the multi-screen exhibition Graphics Interchange Format: 25 Years of Focal Point Gallery. Here’s the GIF.
Mad Max – I've got a great idea for a film – let’s chase each other......until we turn around and chase back.........oh yes and we we’ll get somebody with a guitar that shoots fire!
It’s been an intense week of assessing final work on the Textile Design Course at NUA. An interesting experience – the emotions range from weary sadness where you have projected wondrous possibilities onto a student and their work but they have just not attained their potential for a number of reasons; dullness, lack of engagement or just an innate inability. To that of warm excited surprise when a portfolio is opened and glorious intense work spills out from a student whom you have not really engaged with but they have gained in some way from the experience of the course.  I asked about the criteria to be used when judging the suitcase prize as part of the pulse festival and the response after the blank stare was that they would choose the best!
Meanwhile Lost Dog’s Paradise Lost at the dance house in Ipswich was a glorious shambolic romp through Paradise Lost blending God with parenthood – quite brilliant – I’m still thinking about it a week later.

The day at Camberwell led to another wonderful series of cross-cultural exchanges around the idea of finish and a workshop I run around finishedness!!!