Sunday, 28 June 2015


okay – a day at new designers – as ever it’s a full-on experience that takes its toll on both the mind and sole (yes aching feet is a large part of the equation). But I had some interesting conversations and was able to steer some of them towards students. As ever on display there is the good, the bad and the indifferent but its a manageable experience size wise and you are able to take in ‘the best of textile graduates’ in what could be a long morning. Although the jewellery area is fascinating, and the jewellery that explores the idea of jewellery is always interesting. A day in London to see graduation shows - Chelsea and Royal College Shows is a long day, although it’s worth it to see such see so much extraordinary optimism. Chelsea Fine Art is chaotic and exciting and the constructed work within the textiles show makes one want to get back to the studio. Ideas are free flowing through some great making at the Royal College where the finish in the making is exceptional and its then executed within the final hang so that even work that one finds not interesting is trusted as having integrity.
This week when not looking at, hanging or facilitating the work of others I’ve been working on some new folds – looking at the grid and seeing what can happen with one sheet.

Next week is all about the hang at Camberwell and the Private views at Norwich The Book Art students have posted on the Camberwell blog about the catalogue they have created – check it out here.