Friday, 22 May 2015


later ...a day in London on route to Heathrow - first up ...Whitechapel Gallery - The Production Line of Happiness - an exhibition concerned with image making and the deconstruction of image presentation - quite marvellous whilst upstairs a piece by Jan Toomick moved me to tears - dancing with dad a video work, has the artist dancing manically to voodoo childe by Jimmy Hendrix on the grave of his father. Beautifully sad.
Theaster Gates at white cube is just stunning - extraordinary work, made from the everyday, sublime in its understanding and the art references come thick and fast, the most knowing show i've seen in a while - a joy.  
The Vinyl Factory at Brewer Street has supersymmetry by Ryoji Ikeda its a little impenetrable but a great spectacle. The first room has a number of receptacles that hold hundreds of small ball bearings, it is titled just enough to get them moving and the patterns they create you would not believe - random magic! The second room is a documentation of what has happened in the first room (i think).