Saturday, 2 May 2015


Aldeburgh Lookout has the wonderful Altea Grau Vidal working in residence – see some of her work here and Altea is a MA Book Art Alumni who explores the space of text on and in the page, looking at our relationship to it and in the process creating exquisite work. The Private views at the lookout are on Saturdays at 11-4pm, drinks 12-2pm – I was looking forward to seeing how she worked with a seascape space that is part of my life and the work was even better than I imagined. The site specific nature of the installation meant that the inclusion of the towers surrounds became part of the piece. The duality of the book was much in evidence and layers upon layers explored through and within the moving image projecting onto the double page spread. Really quite sublime.

Friday afternoon was spent with Adam Collier filming the house for a RIBA award the house is up for. There are to be a series of short films presented as part of the awards evening. I was also interviewed for a film that RIBA Suffolk are making to encourage people to become clients of architects – why is design important to me? What did you learn from working with an architect? – killer questions but good.